SUBJECT: Grassroots Lobbying Legislation - Inaccurate Information
DATE: July 20, 2006

There is inaccurate information being disseminated by some in the nonprofit community about the lobbying reform bills now pending in Congress which seeks to minimize the burdens these bills would impose on grassroots lobbying.

Attached is a very important letter written by Mark Fitzgibbons, ATA President of Corporate and Legal Affairs, and member of the FSC Leadership Team. Mark has done yeoman's work on the issue of grassroots lobbying legislation. His letter to our friends at the DMA Nonprofit Federation speaks for itself.

Please spread the word to all nonprofits, and those who work with them, as to the dangers of the Senate-passed lobbying reform bill (S. 2349) to generate pressure on both the House and Senate to kill the Senate's grassroots regulations (which are not in the House version).

Because of the differences between the Senate and House versions, the bills must go to a Conference Committee. Senate conferees are Senators Lott, Stevens, McConnell, Dodd and Inouye. House conferees have not been appointed.

As the letter makes clear, the Senate bill would put major new regulatory burdens on many nonprofits, but would give major corporations and unions a free ride. We need to defeat these provisions.

Summary of Grassroots

Fitzgibbons Letter to Boone