SUBJECT: FEC Legislative Recommendations
DATE: MARCH 31, 2005

Get ready! They are seeking new authority to come after you!

Yes, the FEC has submitted their list of 16 legislative requests for changes to the Federal Election Campaign Act to the Congress.

The FEC’s number one priority is to be granted the authority to offer immunity from criminal prosecution (and thus compel testimony) to witnesses who otherwise might invoke their 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination. And, although the immunity would protect persons who receive it from criminal prosecution, it would not prevent the imposition of civil penalties and large fines.

Additionally, the FEC wants authority to increase their required “record retention” period for political committees from three years to five years. This would increase their opportunity to subpoena more records to find more violations over a longer period.

Lastly, in an effort to strengthen their growing bureaucracy, the FEC wants authority to have selected senior staff positions included in the Senior Executive Service, which would allow pay increases for those positions.

You can review the entire package of government-friendly recommendations by clicking on